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McLaren UAE Drag Racing Experience

31 Mar 2017. McLaren Dubai.

After cementing McLaren’s unrivalled performance through 8 track events between October 2016 and February 2017, Al Habtoor Motors – the retailer of McLaren in the United Arab Emirates – aimed at expanding this performance pedigree status to an entirely new segment of prospective customers by hosting a McLaren Drag Racing Experience on Friday the 31st of March 2017 open to super and sports car owners of all brands at the internationally renowned Yas Marina Circuit Drag Strip in Abu Dhabi.

The event brought together approximately 35 owners of various brands for a meet-up in Dubai and convoy drive to the Yas Marina Circuit for an evening of unrestricted Drag Racing in a controlled and safe environment at the circuit.

The evening was a fun and healthy competitive environment between all brands with all owners exchanging their passion for automotive engineering and lining up for a one-on-one race to win on the quarter mile strip with their individual times recorded to announce a 1st place winner in each category – Supercars and Sportscars.

At the end of the evening with the tally of fastest times, we were proud to find that the fastest cars on the evening in both categories were the McLarens, with the McLaren 570S announced 1st in category – Sportscars – with a time of 10.5 seconds and the McLaren 12C announced 1st in category – Supercars – with a time of 11.1 seconds.