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1 Aug 2016. McLaren Dubai News

In Switzerland we meet Urs Tschudin, a businessman whose 12C Spider might be the highest mileage McLaren in the world. He’s already passed 80,000 miles, and plans to double that over the next few years.

Watch the video: https://youtu.be/CW8f3SQCydA 

 Come rain or shine, Urs Tschudin uses his McLaren 12C Spider every day. He purchased it in 2013 from the McLaren Retailer in Zurich, and has already covered 131,000km (81,000 miles), mainly visiting customers.

His business – selling high-precision grinding machines – takes him across Europe, and he always visits customers in his McLaren. ‘The 12C’s precision and high technology is a good fit for my machine-tool business,’ Urs explains. ‘My customers love the car – it makes me really unique.’

Frequent trips to Germany offer him the chance to fully exploit the 625PS (616bhp) of the twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 engine: ‘You can get on the autobahn, maybe drive with the traffic at 120kph (75mph), then when it all clears and the speed limits lift you hit the pedal and you’re doing 300kph (186mph); it’s amazing how quickly you go back and forth.’

 Urs originally wanted an orange 12C because of the connections with McLaren’s race history, but decided it wasn’t appropriate for business meetings. Instead he chose a subtle grey, and ordered orange seat centres and orange contrast stitching ‘to keep a little of McLaren’s heritage inside’.

Urs wanted a convertible so he could drive with the roof down, but he also wanted a hardtop that offered the practicality of a coupé; the 12C Spider fulfilled both these requirements, with a fully automatic two-piece retractable hardtop that can be raised or lowered in less than 17 seconds and on the move at speeds up to 30kph (19mph). ‘You can start to open or close it at the traffic lights, and there’s no problem if they turn green as you can still move away,’ Urs says. ‘The stiff carbon fibre MonoCell means you don’t feel the structure shaking, like you can in some convertibles. I’ve owned supercars since the 1980s,’ he says, ‘but this is the first I’ve used daily. It’s so comfortable and effortless, and it’s still big fun after three years. I usually keep my cars for five years, so I’ll push the mileage towards 250,000km (155,000 miles).’